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VP & General manager


Proudly born and raised in Kelowna, Geoff completed the 4-year carpentry program at Okanagan College straight out of high school. With 8 years of framing residential houses under his tool belt, he became Site Supervisor of a large residential development in 2015, then moved up to become its Project Manager. 

Passionate about construction and driven to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction, Geoff's number one goal is to help homeowners enjoy completed projects in a clean and cost-effective manner. 

You can always expect open communication and honesty when working with Geoff and V2R.





Craig is so busy making sure his customers are getting everything they need that he didn't have time to send in a bio. We hope he likes this picture we found on the internet. Here are the facts we know:


  • Craig is a high capacity project manager

  • has an ridiculously high attention to detail

  • has been in the business since before the war

  • thinks old school facial hair is the best facial hair

  • has a healthy appetite

  • master tradesman, with approximately 112 years construction management experience.

  • will not have time to read this bio

  • oversees our projects in Prince George & Northern BC - so we're probably safe from any retaliation, should we be wrong about him not having time to read this.



Business development


Partner Brent Marshall is a BC born “serial entrepreneur” and philanthropist. He's been an owner/shareholder in over 20 companies ranging from Automotive (Canada’s largest Dealerships, Autobody Shops & Motorsports Park), Aviation (Tempest Aviation Group), Construction (V2R), Drilling & Exploration (Geotech Drilling/Techco), Real Estate (Remax Centre City), to Restaurants (Earls), (take a deep breath here).


Brent’s main focus these days is philanthropic. Working with Ronald McDonald House charities, Canadian Cancer Society, Make a Wish Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, August Dream Rally, LSW & Diamond Rally,  his companies have donated over $3M to charities in BC in the last 10 years.


After his 4 wonderful kids, Brent’s proudest achievements are the UNHBC Marshall / Northland Children’s Wing he announced in 2006  and the recent Remax Adventure Parks for Kids throughout Northern BC. 

When Brent isn't working or hanging out with the family, he likes to be found racing anything with a powerful motor from supercars and alcohol dragsters to trophy trucks and snowmobiles.






We strive to make a difference wherever we can... and found some fun places to do important things.

As a part of the Okanagan Dream Rally, we were able to make a significant donation once again this year, as well as donate some Electric Toy Cars!  We're sure these special little patients will enjoy their sweet ride between Ronald MacDonald House and treatment.


Proud to make their days just a little brighter!

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